Turkey’s local coffee brand with a Fair Trade Certification:


Every day, around 1.6 billion cups of coffee are brewed worldwide. More than 125 million people globally earn their living from coffee, yet many cannot secure a reliable income from this beloved and valuable crop. In response, an alternative globalisation movement aiming to assist producers in developing countries and promote sustainability was developed: Fair Trade. This market-oriented social initiative, created to solve the problem of workers in the agricultural sector, particularly coffee laborers, embodies the right for the conscious consumer to engage in fair trade. In Turkey, The Whirl is among the local coffee producers that hold a Fair Trade certification. Operating in accordance with ethical trade principles, The Whirl ensures fair income for producers, contributing to the development of communities.

Fair Trade

The Fair Trade certification is assessed by an independent and rigorous auditor and awarded to companies that meet the Fair Trade Standards. The Whirl, with its bold initiatives in the conservation of natural resources, community development, and ethical trade, highlights that quality coffee can be enjoyed by everyone through the “Fair Trade” approach.

Turkey’s local coffee brand, holding a Fair Trade Certification, supports farmers and workers in improving their lives and building a better future. Focusing on creating value based on sustainability, The Whirl, despite having started its journey just three years ago, is making agriculture sustainable for farmers by taking concrete steps towards a more positive and sustainable world and working directly with the same farmers.

Fair Trade enables farmers and workers to have more control over their lives and decide how to invest in their futures. Coffee enthusiasts who choose Fair Trade certified products contribute to building a better quality of life for farmers, their families, and their communities

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Loring Smart Roast

The Loring Smart Roast machine holds a pioneering position in sustainable coffee roasting technology and is designed with an environmentally friendly approach. Compared to traditional roasting methods, this machine significantly reduces energy consumption and emissions.

Its unique design minimises waste while preserving the perfect flavour of roasted coffee beans. Equipped with innovative filtering systems and emission control technology, the Loring Smart Roast prevents the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere during the roasting process.

Handcrafted in Northern California, the “Loring Smart Roast” energy-efficient coffee roasting machine is known as one of the world’s “greenest” coffee roasters, renowned for producing delicate and exceptionally clean flavours. The Whirl embarked on its journey to demonstrate that it’s possible to enjoy high-quality coffee while being mindful of the planet, merging individual stories and experiences into a coffee community today. By using the Loring Smart Roast, The Whirl combines quality coffee with stylish design, along with machine investment and technical service.